Difference between Devilbiss ‘GTi Pro’, ‘GTi Pro Lite’ and ‘PROLite’

This is an overview of all Devilbiss ‘GTI’ spray gun models, from the current models Devilbiss ‘GTi Pro Lite’ (and also ‘PROLite’) to the previous models ‘GTi’ and ‘GTi Pro’. The chart compares each model’s atomization technique (Conventional, HVLP or High Efficiency), air caps and fluid tips, and shows which models share the same.

Devilbiss GTI Model Overview

Model GTi GTi Pro GTi Pro Lite PROLite
  Devilbiss GTI paint spray gun Devilbiss GTI PRO paint spray gun Devilbiss GTI PRO Lite paint spray gun Devilbiss PRO Lite spray gun
Year* 2000 2008 2013 2020
Weight 580 g [20.5 oz] 585 g [20.6 oz] 445 g [15.7 oz] 445 g [15.7 oz]
GTI-213 x      
GTI-214 x      
PRO-200   x x x
GTI-413 x      
GTI-420 x      
PRO-300   x    
PRO-301     x x
Air Cap        
110 x      
105 x      
T1   x    
T2   x    
    x x
TE10     x x
TE20     x x
T110     x x
TE25       x

Devilbiss ‘GTi’

Devilbiss introduced the Devilbiss ‘GTi’ spray gun (both gravity and pressure feed) in 2000. At the time, the GTi was considered one of the best spray guns on the market. The wide range of nozzle sizes (from 0.85mm to 2.2mm) and air caps made the GTi spray gun a popular choice for a variety of applications, including general industrial and automotive refinishing. Unique at the time, the eleven (11) different nozzle sizes could be covered with only two (2) different needles (needle GTI-213 for 0.85, 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5 mm and needle GTI-214 for 1.6, 1.8, 2.0 and 2.2 mm).

Devilbiss ‘GTi Pro’

In 2008 the company launched the Devilbiss GTi Pro. The weight of the gun remained almost the same. However, the design was completely new, including new nozzle and air cap systems. The focus shifted to automotive refinishing, reflected in the addition of 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4 mm body spray nozzles. An HVLP air cap/nozzle (the ‘H1’) was also introduced with this range.

Devilbiss ‘GTi Pro Lite’

Weighing only 445 grams [15.7 ounces], one of the lightest automotive spray guns on the market at the time, Devilbiss introduced the ‘GTi Pro Lite’ in 2013. This was also a complete redesign with new fluid tips and air caps such as TE10, TE20, HV30 and T110 . However, the fluid tips of the PRO-200 series (e.g. PRO-200-12-K for 1.2 mm) remained the same. The GTi-Pro Lite uses the same nozzles (same part numbers) as its predecessor, the GTi-Pro, but the needles are different. The Devilbiss GTi Pro Lite also has a Tekna twin: The Tekna Pro Lite spray gun has the same general design. However, the Tekna Pro Lite spray gun has a black finish and no air valve next to the air inlet.
The Devilbiss GTi-Pro LITE is also available in a suction and pressure version for use with a pressure tank. The so-called Devilbiss ‘PROPL’ (e.g. PROPL-TE30-12) has nozzle sizes from 0.85-2 mm.

FAQ: Can the fluid nozzle/needle from the Devilbiss Finishline spray gun be used on the Devilbiss GTI Pro Lite?
No, fluid nozzles (SYNO: fluid tips) and needles are different and not interchangeable. For example, the 1.4 mm Finishline needle has the part number SGK-0414 while the corresponding needle part number for the GTI Pro Lite is PRO-301-K.

Devilbiss ‘Pro Lite’

The Devilbiss ‘Pro Lite’ is technically the same gun as the previous model ‘GTi Pro Lite’. The main differences are that now more nozzle sizes (1.1-1.5 mm) are available and there is a new numbering system for the parts. For example: The 1.3 mm fluid tip is still marked ‘PRO-200-13-K’ but the official part number is now 905248.

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