Difference between Devilbiss TE10, TE20, HV30 and T110 air cap?

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What is the difference between the Devilbiss TE10, TE20, TE25, HV30 and T110 air caps on the Devilbiss GTi Pro LITE and the latest Devilbiss Pro LITE spray guns? Here is an overview of the different air caps and their performance.

Performance Data Overview

Air CapPart NumberAtomizationSpray Pattern*Air Flow (@ 2bar)*
TE10905240High Efficiency290-310 mm [11.0-12.0 in]280 lpm [9.9 cfm]
TE20905241High Efficiency285-300 mm [11.0-12.0 in]350 lpm [12.4 cfm]
TE25905242High Efficiency270-285 mm [10.5-11.0 in]350 lpm [12.4 cfm]
T110905245High Efficiency260-290 mm [10.0-11.0 in]265 lpm [9.4 cfm]
HV30905238HVLP300-325 mm [12.0-13.0 in]460 lpm [16.3 cfm]
HV25HVLP305-320 mm [12.2-12.9 in]350 lpm [12.4 cfm]
* Spray Pattern and Air Flow can differ depending on the spray gun model

Air Cap TE10 – Base coat & all-rounder

  • Standard water and solvent base coats
  • Air dry and MS clear coats
  • Slower than TE20

Air Cap TE20 – Clear coat with faster flow

  • Clear coats (especially HS and UHS clear coats)
  • Polyurethane clear coats (in combination with 1.3 mm nozzle)
  • 2K gloss / clear coat (in combination with 1.3 mm nozzle)
  • Faster than TE10

Air Cap T110 – clear coats with higher solids

  • clear coats (with higher solids)
  • Glass finishing
  • The most ‘forgiving’ air cap

Air Cap HV30 – Maximum transfer efficiency

  • water-based base coat and clear coat

Air Cap HV25 – Compliant atomizing technology meets HVLP

  • Higher solid clear coats, solvent and waterborne basecoats
  • Larger, straighter sided fan pattern

The air pressure depends on a number of factors, including the fluid being sprayed and whether the fluid control is fully open or not. The following pressure settings are a good starting point:
HV30 1.5 – 1.75 bar [22-25 psi]
TE10/20, T110: 1.5 – 2 bar [22-29 psi]

Does the Devilbiss GTi Pro Lite TE10 air cap fit the Tekna Pro Lite Gun?

Yes. The general design of both guns is the same. The Tekna Pro Lite spray gun has a different (black) surface coating for faster cleaning and has no air valve at the bottom/next to the air inlet.

Devilbiss GTi Pro vs GTi Pro Lite air caps – Is there a difference?

The Devilbiss GTi Pro spray gun is different from its successor Devilbiss GTI PRO Lite. The same applies to the air caps which are also different and have different part numbers.
GTi Pro air caps: H1, T1, T2 (part no: PRO-100-XX)
GTi Pro Lite air caps: HV30, TE10, TE20 etc. (part no: PRO-102-XXXX)

Note: The Devilbiss air cap differences of over 100 different air caps from over 30 different Devilbiss spray gun models is discussed in another article.

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