Sata 5500 i vs o: The difference between ‘I’-nozzle and ‘O’-nozzle system

The Sata “I” and “O” nozzle system addresses a common phenomenon faced by every spray gun manufacturer: As nozzle size increases, so does material flow. The fan height/width may vary and the spray pattern may be larger, smaller, wider or narrower depending on the actual nozzle size. Atomization and film thickness may also vary unevenly.

In addition, paint manufacturers are constantly introducing new specialty materials and coatings that require the development of specific nozzle sets.

What is the difference between Satajet 5000 and 5500?

In general, Satajet spray guns, such as the Satajet 5000, have two main atomization systems: HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) and RP (Reduced Pressure). With the Satajet 5500 series, Sata has gone one step further: Both atomization techniques (HVLP and RP) remain available, but each now offers the additional choice of ‘I’ and ‘O’ nozzle sets.

The parallel “I”-nozzles

  • Parallel spray fan with minimal dry zone (and drier center)
  • For painters who prefer reduced application speed (improved control)
  • Slightly less film build per coat (compared to “O” nozzle)

The oval “O”-nozzles

  • Oval spray fan with larger dry zone (and wet core)
  • For painters who prefer a faster application speed
  • Higher film build per coat (compared to “I” nozzle)

What is the difference between blue and green Sata nozzles?

Actually, it is not the nozzle but the air cap ring that indicates whether the atomization is HVLP (green) or RP (blue). This is also true for some earlier models, including the Sata 5000.

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