Crescocito: New Automatic Spray Gun for Glazing Ceramic Sanitaryware

New Automatic Spray Gun for Glazing Ceramic Sanitaryware

The glazing and enameling process is challenging due to the nature of the abrasive material and the tough working environment in the ceramic industry. The Swedish company Crescocito has introduced a new automatic spray gun to assist customers in the ceramic industry. The CLA80 gun is made for painting with robots or other mechanical installation for all paint types and other low viscous materials.

Air cap: high-precision and new design

Special focus is put on the air caps in two different ways: first, the high precision of the air caps. It is said that the manufacturing tolerances between each single air cap is less than 5 μm which leads to a constant spray pattern even after changing the air cap.

Second, the unique air cap design without horns helps avoiding an accumulation of sprayed material on the air cap. Horns do always lead to turbulent flow and dead zones on the surface of the air cap and especially ceramic materials tend to accumulate directly at the horns.

Circulation valve to reduce sedimentation of material

As an option, the gun can be equipped with a circulation valve in the mounting plate. Directly before the gun the material can be circulated and a valve opens the material flow only when it is needed. This helps to reduce sedimentation of material and. It is also possible to have the valves for cleaning or change of glaze directly before the gun.

In addition the CL80 has fewer sealing areas and functional parts which reduce breakdowns to a minimum and allows a quicker cleaning. And the maintenance can be done with standard tools.

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