Devilbiss Spray Gun Repair and Rebuild Kits

The Devilbiss spray gun repair and rebuild kit chart provides an overview of spare parts for the different Devilbiss air spray gun models, including Devilbiss DV1, Gti, Gti-Pro, Gti-Pro Lite, FLG-5, FLG-4, FLG-3, GPI, JGA-502, GFG and Startingline, containing the most common repair and replacement parts.

Note: If more than one number is listed in the Repair Kit column then different repair kits are available, e.g. standard wear rebuild kit, packaging kit or sealing kit (more information can be found in the individual manual/parts breakdown of each paint gun).

Overview Devilbiss Repair/Rebuild Kits

Devilbiss Spray Gun Model Part Number Description
Advance, Advance HD  PRO-415-1 Service Kit
GTI-428-K5 Seal and Pin Kit
AGB KK-4064 Repair Kit
AGP/AGPV/AGT   AGX-7-K2 Packing Spring Set
KK-4690 Piston Repair Kit
GTI-425 Needle Baffle
AGF-506   Purchase Individual Parts
AGG-503 KK-4898  Repair Kit
AGG KK-4501-XX-X General Service Kit incl. Tip and Needle
AGGS KK-4566-XXX General Service Kit incl. Tip and Needle
AGGS-511 KK-4897 Repair Kit
AGHV-530 KK-4898 Repair Kit
AGMD  AGMD-405-1 Needle Packing Asembly
AGMD-243-1 Piston
AGMD Pro AGMDPRO-406 Cam Kit
AGN-502 KK-4998 Service Kit
AGX-550, 552, AGXV-540, 541 KK-4992-1 Gun Repair Kit
Cobra 1 SPK-117 Seals
Cobra 2  SPK-109 Manifold Seals – Viton
SPK-118 Dynamic Seals – Viton Extreme
Cobra 3C  SPA-408 Needle Packing Kit
SPA-410 Manifold Assembly
Compact    SPK-101 Air Valve Service Kit
SPK-102 Retaining Ring Assembly
SPK-401-XX General Service Kit incl. Tip and
SPK-402 (803083) Service Kit With Seals and Springs
DA-300 DA-101 Service Kit
DAGR Airbrush  DGR-121 Service Kit
DGR-18-K5 Service Kit
Devilbiss DV1  704431 Major Service Kit
704430 Minor Service Kit
EGA-502/EGHV-530 KK-5044 Gasket & Seal Kit
45871-203 Repair Kit
FLG-2 FLG-480 Repair Kit
FLG-3 FLG-488 (690031) Gasket & Seal Kit
FLG-4  FLG4-488 Gasket & Seal Kit
FLG-304 Tip Seal Kit
FLG-5 (gravity)  K-5030 Baffle Replacement Kit
K-5040 Repair kit – seals and springs
inc. tool
FLG-5 (pressure)  K-5032 Baffle Replacement Kit
K-5044 Repair kit – seals and springs
inc. tool
GTI     GTI-414 Needle Adjusting Screw
GTI-425 Baffle & Seal Assembly
GTI-445-K2 Needle Packing
JGK-449 Air Valve Kit
KK-4585 Gun Maintenance Kit
GTi Pro, GTi HD, PriHD, GFG HD, GPG, Pri-Pro, Sri Pro, Sri Pro Lite, Advance, Advance HD, JGA HD, JGA-Pro PRO-415-1 (905279) Spray Gun Repair Kit
GTi Pro Lite, Pro Lite E, PRi Pro Lite PRO-470 (703536)
Spray Gun Repair Kit
GFG-516 KK-4987 Spray Gun Repair Kit
GFHV-501 KK-4975 Spray Gun Repair Kit
GTi-520P, GTI-546P, GTI-620G (GTi Millennium), GFG-670, EXL-520 KK-5058-2 (192227) Spray Gun Repair Kit
JGA, JGV      GTI-414 Needle Adjusting Screw
GTI-445-K2 Needle Packing
JGK-449 Air Valve Kit
KK-4502-XX-H General Service Kit incl. Tip and Needle
KK-4558 Gasket & Seal Kit
KK-4585 Gun Maintenance Kit
JGHV-530 KK-4975 Repair Kit
JGHV-520 KK-4911 Repair Kit
JGV-560, 570 KK-4953 Repair Kit
JGX-502 JGX-101 Repair Kit
MBC-510 KK-4058-1 Rebuild Kit
MSA-501, 503, MSV KK-5000 Rebuild Kit
MSA-510  KK-4987-2 Rebuild Kit
Pri-Pro PRO-415-1 Rebuild Kit
Pro-Lite 905281 Repair Kit
SGA-560, 570  K-5001 Repair Kit
K-5004 Repair Kit
Sri SRi-416 Service Kit
Sri SRi-426 Service Kit
Sri Pro, Sri Pro Lite PRO-415-1 Repair Kit
Startingline (Full Size) 802425 Gun Repair Kit
Startingline (Touchup) 802426 Gun repair Kit
T-AGB T-AGB-100 Service Kit
T2AGPV T2AG-100 Service Kit
T-AGPV T-AGPV-100 Service Kit
T-AGPZ-A/S T-AGPZ-100AS Service Kit
T-AGPZ-F T-AGPZ-100F Service Kit
T-AGHV T-AGHV-100 Service Kit
Tekna Copper HE 702736 Repair Kit
Tekna Pro-Lite  703536 Repair Kit
703530 Air Valve Kit
TGA-515 KK-4314 Repair Kit
WVT-503 KK-4589 Repair Kit

What spray gun model is Devilbiss ‘BH11 9LH UK’?

Some Devilbiss spray guns are marked ‘BH11 9LH UK’ (or ‘ITW Finishing BH11 9LH UK’). This is not the spray gun model, but the address code for Devilbiss in the UK. And ‘ITW Finishing’ stands for Illinois Tool Works Finishing, the company that owned Devilbiss at the time of manufacture.
Note: Many older Devilbiss spray guns do not have the model name marked on the gun body.

Devilbiss Part Numbers: the ‘-K5’ suffix

Some Devilbiss part numbers have a suffix at the end, e.g. ‘-K2’ or ‘-K5’. Such a suffix indicates a kit of parts. For example: JGD-14-K5 is a kit of five seals. If there is no such suffix (or only a ‘-K’ suffix), this indicates that the quantity is one.

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