ECCO Finishing AB

ECCO Finishing AB is a manufacturer of spray guns and low pressure liquid finishing equipment. Since 2019 the company has been part of the Carlisle Fluid Technologies group of companies.


Automatic spray guns (including Ecco 60AS, Ecco 65AS HVLP for Ceramics & Leather, Ecco 75AP, Ecco 40DA and Ecco 41FA for Ceramics), manual low pressure spray guns (including Ecco 40, Ecco 40S and Ecco 65S HVLP for Ceramics), spray gun extensions, diaphragm pumps, low pressure transfer and piston pumps, pressure tanks, regulators and color changers.

Special Focus

Automatic spray guns for ceramic and leather


In 1931 ECCO started manufacturing its own spray guns, which were a great success in the finishing industry. In 1941 ECCO became part of the Atlas Copco Group and remained part of Atlas Copco until 1988. In 2019 the company became part of the Carlisle Fluid Technologies group of companies.

Contact Details

ECCO Finishing AB
SE-532 22 Skara, Sweden
tel. +46 511 134 45
e-mail: [email protected]

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