Why is the Binks MACH 1 SL (BBR) paint spray gun still so popular?

Binks Mach 1SL HVLP Spray Gun
Binks Mach 1SL HVLP Spray Gun

There are many spray gun manufacturers that supply HVLP paint spray guns. But there is one particular gun that was invented over 20 years ago that can be considered the forerunner of HVLP, successor to the legendary Binks BBR gun, and still popular today: The Binks Mach 1SL (‘SL’ stands for Slim Line).

Binks Mach 1SL – The Features

The Mach 1SL is built to last. P.T.F.E. packings are used throughout the gun, which are resistant to all known paint solvents. Due to the drop-forged aluminum body, the entire spray gun weighs only 448 grams. The needle control (self-aligning) and air valve are combined to reduce the number of components. But there is one main reason this gun is still one of the best choices for applying coatings, paints and adhesives to virtually any type of surface, including metal, ceramics, wood, glass, plastics and textiles: The Binks Mach 1SL offers the widest selection of nozzles and air nozzle (air cap) combinations.

Standard fluid nozzle sizes range from 0.5 mm to 1.7 mm (nozzle types 89 to 97). And all nozzle sizes can be used with one type of fluid needle. This is a major advantage over many other spray guns where changing a nozzle also means changing a needle. Initially, the AB and ABSS needles (54-3609 & 54-3616) were used, but these required re-adjustment of the needle cap and lock nut position. Today, a one-piece needle ABSL (54-4382) is available.

Binks Mach 1SL ‘Standard’ Nozzle/Needle Chart

Nozzle Number (Size)Nozzle Part No.Needle No.
89 (0.5mm)45-890054-4382
90 (0.8mm)45-900054-4382
91 (1.0mm) 45-910054-4382
92 (1.2mm) 45-920054-4382
93 (1.3mm) 45-930054-4382
94 (1.4mm) 45-940054-4382
95 (1.5mm) 45-950054-4382
96 (1.6mm) 45-960054-4382
97 (1.7mm) 45-970054-4382
903 (2.0mm) 45-903054-4382
905 (2.3 mm) 45-905054-4382
906 (2.5 mm) 45-906054-4382
909 (2.8 mm) 45-909054-4382

Nozzles for Special Applications

In addition to the standard nozzles (0.5-1.7 mm), special nozzles are available:

  • Large nozzle range: sizes from 2.0 to 2.8 mm (nozzle types 903-909), can also be used with the same standard needle 54-4382 as the smaller counterparts.
  • “GS” fluid nozzle series: sizes from 1.2 to 1.7 mm (e.g. 92GS, 94GS or 97GS), only in combination with special air nozzle 96G. This combination improves atomization and makes it easier to break up high solids.
  • “F” Fluid Nozzle Range (Feathering): Sizes from 0.8 to 1.7 mm (e.g. 90F or 97F), for applications requiring a more gradual fluid valve opening for metering control of fluid flow with the trigger.
  • “S” fluid nozzle series: used in conjunction with a siphon cup (suction feed)
  • Tungsten Carbide Tips: marked with VT (e.g. 94VT or 97VT), for highly abrasive materials such as ceramics, glazes, etc.

These nozzles can then be combined with more than twelve (12) different air caps (air nozzles), each with a specific nozzle air flow and pattern width.

Application: from refinishing paints to glazes

This wide range of nozzles and air caps allow a very good atomization of virtually any coating. Therefore the Binks MACH 1 SL HVLP spray gun can spray all conventional and the more unconventional materials encompassing refinishing paints, industrial finishes, adhesives, decorative materials, stains, inks, varnishes, lacquers, enamels, glazes water-borne materials and many others. The Binks Mach 1 can also be used for automotive finishes and clear coats.

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