Iwata Air Cap Selection Chart & Overview

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This is the most comprehensive Iwata Air Cap (SYNO: Air Nozzle) selection chart covering more than 48 different air caps. The guide enables the user to find the correct part number based on the air cap color, number or code that is stamped on the air cap. It also provides information suc as:

  • Pressure Operating Range (bar and psi)
  • Air Flow (lpm and scfm)
  • Pattern Size (mm and inch)
  • Air Cap/Nozzle Type (whether conventional, HVLP or LVMP)
  • Iwata Part Number
  • Iwata Spray Gun Model the air cap is used in

The guide includes the Iwata W400 (including W400 LV4), Kiwami, WS400, LPH400 (orange and silver), W71, W77, LS-400 Supernova, WS-400HD Supernova, LPH50, LPH80, RG3L, LPH101, LPH200, W101, W200 and W300.

Atomizing Air Pressure

The recommended atomizing air pressure, both in bar and psi, helps to set up the spray gun to the right pressure.

Air Flow Rate (Air Consumption)

The air flow rate, both lpm (liter per minute) and SCFM (standard cubic feet per minute), helps to determine the size of the compressor that is needed to operate the spay gun.

Maximum Spray Pattern Size

The maximum spray pattern is highly dependent on the nozzle size used, i.e. the same air cap will provide a wider spray pattern when used with a larger nozzle size. Another factor is whether the spray gun is used as a “gravity feed”, “suction feed” or “pressure feed”. Pressure-feed guns tend to produce the widest pattern, followed by gravity and then suction (in that order). Iwata usually has separate air caps for pressure-feed guns, while gravity and suction guns often share the same air cap. In this case, the guide will give the overall maximum spray pattern (which is then taken from the gravity feed).

Iwata Air Cap Test Kit

Iwata Air Cap Test Kits (often referred to as “Air Cap Gauges”) are available for most HVLP models to measure and verify that the maximum allowable pressure of 10 psi is not exceeded.

Iwata Air Cap Model Overview

AIR CAP MODEL NO.AIR CAP PART NO.Marked as (color)Atomizing Air Pressure (BAR/PSI)Air Flow (LPM/SCFM)PATTERN SIZE (MM/INCH)Air Cap TypeSpray Gun Model
059351210005 green1.8/26420/14.8320/12.6HVLPLS-400 Supernova
0193505300012.0/29368/13.0370/14.6compliant WS-400HD Supernova
2930258802.5/3630/1.135/1.4round RG3L 
393026880 2.5/36 50/1.835/1.4 round RG3L 
LPH50-E293557600E2 0.9/1350/1.8100/3.9HVLP LPH50
LPH80-E493662600E4 1.0/1460/2.2140/5.5HVLPLPH80
LPH101-LV693500651LV6 1.8/25280/9.9260/10.2HVLP LPH101P/LVP pressure feed
LPH101-G293811602G23.5/50530/18.7270/10.6  conventional LPH101P/LVP pressure feed
LPH101-E193832532E12.5/36430/15.2200/7.9 conventional LPH101P/LVP pressure feed
LPH101-LV493875602LV41.3/18240/8.5220/8.7HVLPLPH101LVG/LVS gravity feed, LPH300LV
LPH200-LV693587601LV62.4/35 413/14.6510/20.1 HVLP LPH200LVP
LPH200-G293822601G2 2.0/28 500/17.7318/12.5HVLP LPH200P/LPH2003
LPH400-LV493874601LV4 (silver)1.1/16 270/9.5320/12.6HVLPLPH400-LV
LPH400-LVB93524650LVB (purple)1.0/14235/8.3335/13.2HVLPLPH400-LVB
LPH400-LVX93548700LVX (orange)1.1/16275/9.8330/13.0HVLPLPH400-LVX
W101-E193689610E12.5/36.3 80/2.6130/5.1 conventional W101 gravity feed
W101-K193735610K12.5/36.3 144/5.1170/6.7 conventional W101 gravity feed
W101-H293696610H22.5/36.3 224/7.9175/6.9 conventional  W101 gravity feed 
W101-N193700610N12.5/36.3170/6.0190/7.5 conventional  W101 gravity feed 
W101-E2P93704610E2P2.5/36.3221/7.8240/9.5conventional  W101 pressure feed
W101-H4 93662610H42.5/36.3250/8.8 220/8.9conventional  W101A
W101-E193689610E12.5/36.380/2.6 100/3.9 conventional W300
W101-K193735610K1 2.5/36.3145/5.1130/5.1 conventionalW300
W101-H493662610H42.0/28.0 210/6.9205/8.0conventionalW300, W101 gravity feed 
W101-N193700610N1 2.5/36.3150/5.3160/6.3 conventionalW300
W200-K193817611K13.0/43 200/7.1220/8.7conventionalW200
W200-K293816611K23.0/43 330/11.7320/12.6conventional W200 gravity feed
W200-R193815610R1 3.0/43 260/9.2280/11.0 conventional W200 gravity feed
W200-R293814611R2 3.0/43360/12.7320/12.6 conventional W200 gravity feed
W200-W193813611 W1 3.0/43360/12.7310/12.2 conventional W200 gravity feed
W200-G2P93818611G2P 3.0/43560/19.8400/15.7 conventional W200/W203
pressure feed
W200-R193815610R12.9/42270/9.53400/15.7conventional W200/W203
pressure feed
W200-R1Z93871611R1Z3.5/50500/17.7370/14.6conventional  W200/W203
pressure feed
93859611LV13.0/43380/13.4320/12.6conventionalW400 gravity feed
93830611LV23.0/43370/13.1340/13.4conventionalW400 gravity feed
NOTE: we cannot guarantee for the accuracy or are responsible for any mistakes/errors. This is a general guide only. If you want to use a specific air cap, please check the manual.

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