Binks Spray Gun Repair and Rebuild Kits

The Binks spray gun repair and rebuild kit guide contains replacement parts for various Binks air spray gun models, including the Binks 2100/2001, 7, 62, 18 and Binks Trophy Series, and includes the most common replacement parts. Note: If more than one number is listed in the repair kit column, then different repair kits are available, e.g. standard wear rebuild kit, packaging kit or seal kit (see individual manual/parts breakdown for each spray gun for more information).

Binks Repair/Rebuild Kit Overview

  • Service Kits for more than 50 different Binks spray gun models
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Binks Spray Gun Model Part Number Description
Binks Trophy (Pressure/Gravity-feed) 54-6122 Side Port Valve Assembly
54-6130-K Needle Packing Kit (standard)
54-6129-K Needle Packing Kit (vitreous)
54-6131-K Air Valve Service Kit
54-6132-K Trigger Screw Nut Kit
54-6135 Service Kit
Binks Trophy (Automatic) 54-6327 O-Ring Kit Piston
54-6328 O-Ring Kit Cartridge
GTI-428-K5 Sideport Kit
Binks Mach 1SL, 1 Featherlight 54-4278 Spare Parts Kit
Binks Mach 1 54-3605 Spare Parts Kit
Binks Mach 1G 54-4367 Spare Parts Kit
Binks Mach 1 Cub 54-4139 Service Kit 
Binks Cub SLG 54-4478 Service Kit 
Binks Cub SL 54-4479 Service Kit 
Binks Mach 1A, 1AR (Automatic) 54-3980  Repair Kit
54-4261 Packing Kit
Binks Mach 2SL 54-3645 Service Kit
Binks Mach 2A (Automatic) 54-3772 Service Kit 
Binks Mach 3SL 54-3645 Service Kit 
Binks Rhino (automatic) 54-5540 Rebuild Kit
54-5541 Repair Kit 
Binks SV100 – Gravity K-5057 Repair Kit
K-5053 Fluid Tip and Needle Kit 1.4 & 2.0 MM 
K-5053-20 Fluid Tip and Needle Kit 2.0 MM
Binks SV100 – Pressure K-5057  Repair Kit
K-5052 Fluid Tip and Needle Kit 1.1 & 1.4 M 
K-5052-18 Fluid Tip and Needle Kit 1.8 MM  
Binks 2001 6-229   Repair Kit
6-231 Packing Kit
6-230 Packing Kit
Binks 2100 6-229 Repair Kit
Binks 2100GW 6-229 Repair Kit
106-1154 Spare Parts Kit
Binks 95 54-3577 Fluid Inlet and Air Valve Kit
54-4225 Fluid Inlet Packing Kit
54-4226 Air Valve Spindle Kit
Binks 95G 54-3589 Repair Kit
Binks 95A, AR (Automatic) 54-3579 Repair Kit
54-4225 Repair Kit 
Binks 7 6-188 Repair Kit
6-213 Packing Kit
6-216 Packing Kit
Binks 7N 106-1061 Service Kit 
Binks 7EZ 6-224 Service Kit 
Binks 18 6-189 Repair Kit
6-214 Packing Kit 
6-217 Packing Kit 
Binks 21, 21V, & 21M 6-191 Service Kit
Binks 26 6-220 Repair Kit
6-161 Packing Kit
Binks 30. 30A 6-271 Service Kit 
Binks 61 6-193 Service Kit 
Binks 62 6-194   Repair Kit
6-163 Packing Kit
6-169 Packing Kit
Binks 69, 69V, 69GW 6-195   Repair Kit
6-185 Packing Kit
6-186 Packing Kit 
Binks 115 6-222 Service Kit
Binks 230 250003 Service Kit 
Binks 370 6-205   Repair Kit
6-198 Spare Parts Kit
6-199 Spare Parts Kit 
Binks 380 6-206 Service Kit 
Binks 460 6-1302 (250035) Spare Parts Kit
Binks 603, 603V 6-1303 Service Kit 
Binks 610 6-193 Service Kit 
Binks 630 250003 Service Kit 

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