Binks 95G Parts and Rebuild Kit 54-3589

The Binks Spray Gun Rebuild Kit 54-3589 is suitable for the Binks 95G Spray Gun containing the most common replacement and repair parts for this model

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Applicable Spray Guns

Binks 95G

Parts – Scope of Supply

The Binks 95G Parts and Rebuild Kit 54-3589 contains the following spray gun parts:

  • 54-918 Sealing Ring
  • 54-4369 Head Insert Seal Ring
  • 54-3511 Retaining Ring
  • 20-6160 O-Ring
  • 20-4615 O-Ring
  • 54-3520 Spring (Yellow)
  • 54-3512 Spindle Assembly
  • 54-3518 Spring (Blue)
  • 54-4370 Seal Cartridge Assembly
  • KGP-13 Cup Gasket (Blue)

Service Manual/Parts Breakdown

Binks 95G operating manual (source: manualslib)

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