Airbrush meets Automatic Spray Gun: The Sagola Mini V AeroJet

  • Weighing only 216 gram
  • Wide regulation range: paint flow, fan and pattern shape
  • Made for high precision applications

Sagola is well-known for automatic spray guns, manual spray guns for automotive refinishing and airbrushes for detailed artwork. Now the company has launched a quite unique spray system: The “automatic airbrush” Mini V AeroJet.

The Sagola Mini V AeroJet (source: Sagola)

Weighing only 216 gram (dimensions: 32 x 50 x 90 mm) this automatic airbrush spray gun is equipped with a 0.5 mm stainless steel fluid nozzle.The gun is made for high precision applications such as aerographic applications, small feathering and for the painting of small parts and and machinery. For this the Mini V AeroJet comes with a fan control regulator that regulates the quantity and distribution of the air at the air cap allowing a very good distribution of the spray pattern independently of the viscosity of the fluid or paint. In addition, a separate fan regulator allows to adjust the size of the spray fan. The packing gland, as known from other Sagola spray gun models, is made from stainless steel without any gaskets in order to reduce maintenance to a minimum.

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