What is the difference between Sata HVLP vs RP?

HVLP is a common industry term and stands for ‘High Volume Low Pressure’ (at least 65% transfer efficiency), while ‘RP’ is a SATA acronym for ‘Reduced Pressure’. Spray guns with ‘RP’ technology belong to the group of ‘compliant’ spray guns. Compliant’ means that the guns are compliant with the EU VOC Directive and also provide a minimum of 65% transfer efficiency as the HVLP guns. Current Sata RP” models include the SATAjet 5500, SATAjet 5000, SATAjet 4600, SATAjet 1500 and SATAjet 1000.

Technical Specifications

  Sata HVLP Sata RP
Air Pressure low pressure low pressure, but slightly higher than HVLP
Transfer Efficiency (see below) (see below)
Atomization HVLP Reduced Pressure
Air Consumption* high, approx. 430 lpm [15.2 cfm]** lower, approx. 290 lpm [10.2 cfm]**
Application better for base coats,
good for waterborne coatings, good for spraying pearls
better for clear coats, good for higher solid materials, good for polyurethanes,
in general good for both base coats and clear coats
Spray Distance Operating Range 10-21 cm [3.9-8.3 in] 10-21 cm [3.9-8.3 in]
Spray Distance (Rec) 10-15 cm [3.9-5.9 in] 17-21 cm [6.7-8.3 in]
Misc. faster slower

What does HVLP stand for?

Historically, first there were the ‘conventional’ guns that did not meet any requirements regarding transfer efficiency. In order to reduce VOC emissions and create a better working environment, some US states began to mandate the use of HVLP spray guns. However, as the HVLP technology is not well suited to atomize all kind of materials, spray gun manufacturers introduced ‘compliant’ spray guns that also met the 65% transfer efficiency, but at higher pressures. For example, the increased output pressure of compliant guns typically allows for better atomization of higher viscosity materials.

FAQ: What does Sata stand for?

The term ‘Sata’ (associated with spray guns) is a trademark registered in 1914. At that time the company was called ‘Sanitaria’ and produced surgical instruments. The first spray gun was manufactured in 1925.


If only one (1) gun is used for both basecoats and clearcoats, the RP is the better choice. In general, the RP is the better all-around gun. Regarding paint savings, it is often said that RP guns use more paint than HVLP. This is not really true when the guns are used for the material they are designed for.

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