SATAjet 3000 B HVLP Spray Gun

Technical Specifications

Part No.: 3000B
Nozzle/Needle (range):
1.0 – 2.2 mm
Atomization Technique: HVLP (Low Volume Low Pressure)
Transfer Efficiency: >65% (acc. to VOC – regulation)
Cup Size: 600 ml (plastic)
Air Consumption: 430 lpm [15,2 cfm]
Recommended Air Inlet Pressure: 2.0 bar [29 psi]
Operating temperature (max.): 50°C [122°F]
Weight: 542 g [19.1 oz]
Gun Body: chrome-plated
Air inlet: G 1/4 ext.

Nozzle Sizes (options)

1,0 (132787)
1,2 (132795)
1,3 (132803)
1,4 (132811)
1,5 (132829)
1,7 (132837)
1,9 (132845)
2,2 (132852)


The ‘jet’ in SATAjet 3000 B stands for “jetstream”, the unique air nozzle concept of Sata for finest material atomization, low overspray and homogeneous material distribution. The wide and even fan allows higher work speed. Another feature are the self-adjusting packings.

Note: The SATAjet 3000 is also available in a “pressure feed” version for use with a pressure tank/pot.


Automotive refinishing, General purpose finishing, incl. base- and clearcoats

Service Manual

SATAjet 3000 B Service Manual (Source:

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SATA jet 3000 B HVLP Paint Spray Gun

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