Graco Automatic Speed Controller for Air Motors 24G621

Technical Specifications

Air input pressure (max.): 7 bar [100 psi]
Speed (max.): 1000 rpm
Speed control range: 100-1000 rpm
Weight: 0.64 kg [1.4 lbs]


The Graco Air Motor Agitator Speed Controller regulates the speed of the agitator as the drum level changes. It prevents over-agitation, which is especially helpful with shear-sensitive materials and water-based materials. In addition, the controller saves energy and extends motor life by limiting over-speeding of the mixer.

The unit is compatible with the following Graco mixers:

  • In-Drum Back-Geared
  • Heavy Duty Back-Geared
  • Expanding Blade Agitator
  • Twistork

The controller is compatible with the following Graco air motors:

  • Graco Air Motor 101140
  • Graco Air Motor 16A871
  • Graco Air Motor 101388
  • Graco Air Motor 111310


Shear sensitive materials, incl. waterbased stain and paint, UV materials

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