Mixing & Agitation

Guidance and information on air-powered agitators and mixers including bung agitators, and air mixers with gearbox

Binks 31-452 Air Motor Drive with 15:1 Gear Reduction

Binks 31-452 Air Motor Drive with 15:1 Gear Reduction

Technical Specifications Power: 1 hp [0.75 kW]Gearbox Ratio: 1:15Speed (max.): 100 RPMSpeed range (recommended): 60-80 RPMAir consumption: approx. 30 cfm [850 lpm] Features Smooth-running, heavy-duty air motor with gear reducer used primarily for air-powered agitators. Motor speed can be adjusted by air volume (regulator not included). Note: The Model 31-452 Geared Air Drive has replaced…

Graco Automatic Speed Controller for Air Motors 24G621

Technical Specifications Air input pressure (max.): 7 bar [100 psi]Speed (max.): 1000 rpmSpeed control range: 100-1000 rpmWeight: 0.64 kg [1.4 lbs] Features The Graco Air Motor Agitator Speed Controller regulates the speed of the agitator as the drum level changes. It prevents over-agitation, which is especially helpful with shear-sensitive materials and water-based materials. In addition,…