Eastwood Electric Paint Shaker 12854

Technical Specifications

Weight: 44 pounds [20 kg]
Voltage: 120 volts / 60 Hz / 2.3 Amps
Oscillations: 1170 per minute.
incl. Timer (0 to 15 Minutes with auto shut off)
Color: Black


The Eastwood 12854 is a portable electric paint shaker designed to shake gallons, quarts, pints and aerosols and is similar in design to the Blair Tornado II mixer. The shaker has a 3-axis shaking method, i.e. side to side, orbital and up & down, which ensures a thorough and uniform mixing of even high solids products such as nano-ceramic enhanced coatings. The unit automatically shuts off when mixing is complete.


Body shop work or wherever painting or mixing liquid is needed

Service Manual

Electric Paint Shaker Instructions (*.pdf, Source: manualslib)

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