Waterborne Automotive Basecoat with High Solid Content

  • Material savings due to high solid content
  • Already production phase in Europe

The German Beckers Group has introduced a new waterborne basecoat for the coating of automotive exterior components such as bumpers, mirror caps and door handles. The BeckquaColor coating is a special resins combination that features a very high solid content which in turn leads to enhanced appearance through a smoother film surface and a very good hiding power. In addition, significant material savings can be achieved.

Example material savings (white coating)

The high amount of solid content means that a coating line with a normal annual paint consumption of 60 tons can reduce this amount to 45 tons. An additional environmental benefit: 750 fewer pails of paint need to be transported and kept in a climate-controlled warehouse.

Production phase in Europe

According to the manufacturer, BeckquaColor has been developed from scratch, has been tested by external institutes as well as in-house and is now available on the market.The product has entered already production phase and is used by several manufacturers of bumpers and mirror caps in Europe.

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