Finishing Facts BMW i3

A total of 23 painting robots, but only 4 different color tones are needed to finish the electric BMWi3. Here is a list of interesting paint finishing facts:

Facts about the BMW i3

  • 23 painting robots
  • No cathodic dip-paint coating (KTL) saves 10 kg weight per vehicle
  • Each part is identified via RFID label
  • Surface pretreatment by means of dry ice and air (no wet chemical pretreatment)
  • Only 4 different colour tones for painting
  • Clearcoat: conventional 2K coating system
  • 100 kg weighs the CFR bodywork (1/3 less than made from conventional steel)
  • 300 kg weighs the battery
  • 150 painted plastic parts are attached to the bodywork
  • Cutting of fabric mats fully automated
  • Separate inline coating of roof

VIDEO: Production of the BMWi3

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