Powder gelcoat reduces curing time by up to 80%

  • Fast-curing powder gelcoats for composite parts
  • Minimal VOC emissions
  • 13 European organizations cooperate

The European project Ecogel Cronos has developed an innovative RTM process that reduces the current curing times of gelcoat by up to 80%. The automotive sector will be one of the main beneficiaries of this development.

Fast-curing powder gelcoats for composite parts

The project has focused on the formulation and the manufacturing of new fast-curing powder gelcoats for composite parts. At this point, the manufacturing times have been significantly reduced and the emissions from the workplace have been minimized. A final finish powder gelcoat has been obtained. Compared to conventional liquid gelcoats, it reduces the curing time by up to 80 %. In addition, a primer gelcoat with electrical conductivity has been developed which features a reduced curing time compared to conventional ones.

Two case studies have been carried out to demonstrate the advantages of the new technology: a part of a tractor and a car door. After developing of the new powder gelcoats, the project is now focusing on the development of composite moulds in which carbon fibre laminate will have a double function, acting as a as structural reinforcement in the mould and also as a heat component that will provide a completely homogenous heat surface.

13 European organizations cooperate

The consortium of the project is formed by 13 European organizations that includes AIMPLAS, ECOINNOVA and CIDETEC from Spain; Composite Integration, AXON, FAR-UK, and NetComposites from United Kingdom; CLERIUM from the Netherlands, Indupol International N.V. from Belgium; e-Xstream engineering from Luxembourg; Bielefeld University (FHBI) from Germany; KETEK from Finland; Megara from Greece; and Steel Belt Systems Powder Coating Division (SBS) from Italy.

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