Duayen MS-800 Polyurethane Paint Spray System

The Polyurea Foam Coating System with ‘Hole Closing” Capability

  • Polyurethane spray-on foam spray system (sometimes referred to as bulletproof or ballistic paint)
  • Improved ballistic properties
  • Wide range of applications with literally indestructible paint
  • In addition: High chemical resistance and good insulation properties

Turkey’s Duayen is a leading supplier of advanced polyurethane spray coating systems. The material is used in a wide range of applications, from construction to automotive. Of particular note is MS-800, which is marketed as “Anti-explosion & Anti-flame Coating” and finds its niche in military applications.

Improved Ballistic Properties

According to the company, the material improves the ballistic properties of the coated part. Typical applications include armor plates, armored vehicles, ballistic panels, bulletproof vests and other military equipment. In general, impact-absorbing properties are preferred in military vehicles and equipment.

High Chemical Resistance and Good Insulation Properties

In addition to improved mechanical properties, the PU material also features high chemical resistance and good vibration and sound insulation properties.

Founded in 2001, Duayen specializes in polyurethane systems with a focus on new applications. The company operates a 7,500 m2 facility in Istanbul, Turkey, which is capable of producing 600 tons of material per month. Duayen also offers a wide range of other adhesives, coatings, paints and insulation products:

  • Rubber Primers (pouring rubber surfaces): PU based, one-component multipurpose primers
  • Rubber Binders (for hot press molding systems): PU based, one-component, solvent free, moisture cure product which is used for the binding of rubber granules. Application: Mainly for the production of rubber tiles, but can also be used for the binding of concrete, metal, wood and PVC.
  • Rubber Binders (pouring system): Solvent-free, one-component PU system but for in-situ applications, suitable for in indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Polyurethane Spray Binder: One-component, PU-based spray binder, providing colored, soft, comfortable, surface finish over the layer made of black SBR, suitable for outdoor and indoor, athletic facilities, multipurpose sport facilities, and playgrounds
  • PU Sealant: solvent free, elastic, thixotropic, two-component PU based sealant and designed to seal the pores of rubber and foam mats for the construction of synthetic sport and playing surfaces.

The company also supplies polyurethane topcoats (interior and exterior), epoxies (self-leveling floor coatings), general purpose epoxy adhesives, adhesives for synthetic turf, rubber tile and marine applications, and two-component waterproofing coatings used in parking lots, roofing, industrial flooring, oil rigs, bridges and tunnels.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Duayen paint available on Amazon and what is the price?
    Duayen coatings are not available on Amazon. The company mainly supplies through a network of distributors in each country.

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