Ionstar Anti Static Gun cleans and neutralizes electrostatic charge in one step

  • No power supply required
  • Power is generated by built-in air turbine
  • Powerful jet of air, rich in positive and negative ions, cleans surfaces and neutralizes electrostatic charges

A clean surface is a prerequisite for the coating process. For this reason, ionizing guns (SYNO: Anti Static Air Guns, Static Neutralizer Guns) are used. Such ionizing guns clean and prepare the surface by means of compressed air and electricity. The German company Lack-Technik GmbH has now developed a new type of ionizing air gun that generates the energy for ionization by means of an integrated air turbine driven by compressed air. An electrical power supply is no longer required. The new “Ionstar” air gun neutralizes static electricity and cleans in one step.

How does this Anti Static Gun Work?

Prior to the actual coating process, the ionizing gun is used to blow off dust particles from the surface. The gun features a powerful jet of air rich in positive and negative ions, which helps to neutralize static charges and also helps to align the metal particles of the workpiece. The risk of dust inclusion is reduced to a minimum. By eliminating the need for electric cables and batteries, the gun is lighter and more flexible to use. The ionizing gun can be operated continuously in temperatures between 15°C and 50°C [59°F and 122°F] without the need to recharge batteries or connect electrical cables. Recommended operating pressure is 2 to 3 bar [29 to 44 PSI]. The Ionstar is also certified to ATEX standard 2014/34/EU EX for use in spray booths. This certification certifies the ionizing gun for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

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