Hosco Quick Disconnects, Restrictor and Hose Fittings for Spray Guns

Hosco Fittings, LLC (USA) is a leading manufacturer of components for paint and coating delivery systems. Products include stainless steel fittings (such as quick disconnect fittings, “Y” and elbow/angle fittings), flow control restrictors, tees and adapters and hose connectors. All Hosco connection fittings feature its low-shear design that incorporates a taper-to-taper connection.

Hosco was founded in 2010 as a manufacturer of paint circulation and application finishing fittings. In 2019, the company became part of the Carlisle Fluid Technologies group.

Quick Disconnect Fittings

The Quick Disconnect (QD) is a special bayonet connector consisting of two (2) parts, QD body and QD stem, and is used in paint spray systems to allow quick and easy connection and disconnection of paint hoses and spray guns. No tools are required, just a simple push/pull action. These fittings are especially useful in professional painting applications where efficiency and speed are critical, such as automotive painting, industrial coatings and other high-volume painting applications. Made from stainless steel to withstand the pressures and chemicals used in the spray painting process.

Technical Specifications

  • Body Material: 304/316 SST
  • Working Pressure (max.): 300 psi
  • Connection Sizes (options): 1/4″ or 3/8″ (either NPS, NPT or BSP standard)


The precision design of the Hosco “No-Spit” Quick Disconnect Fitting eliminates the possible accumulation of paint and sludge buildup that forms during operation. This eliminates the need for frequent solvent flushing. Large flow passages minimize shear and coating degradation and subsequent potential loss of pressure or flow. Quick Disconnects are compatible with virtually all types of coatings and adhesives. Hosco is the leader in Quick Disconnect Fittings and the Hosco SSQD and SS-Stem combinations are the most widely used SST set in the world.

Flow Control Restrictors

Flow control restrictors are used in paint spray systems to regulate the flow of paint to the spray gun or applicator. They ensure consistent and accurate application of paint, adhesives and other coating materials. The different types of restrictors include recirculating and non-circulating versions that can be adjusted internally or externally, even during dispensing. Another distinction is whether the restrictors are recirculating or non-recirculating.

Technical Specifications

Body Material: Stainless Steel
Adjustment Type: Externally Adjustable or Internally Adjustable
Connection Sizes (options): 3/8″ (either NPS, NPT or BSP standard)

  • Circulating or non-circulating versions available
  • In-line or 45 degree hose connection versions


Hosco restrictors provide fine flow adjustment from complete shut-off to over 1000 cc/min (depending on pressure and viscosity). Internally Adjustable Restrictors require a special tool (Hosco RAB-6) for initial set point adjustment. The Externally Adjustable Restrictors require an Allen wrench for adjustment, which is included with the restrictor. The 0.350″ smooth bore passageways in the circulating versions protect the coating from excessive shear during operation and minimize pressure loss.
pressure loss.

Restrictors RIL-6-AJ and RY-6AJ – externally accessible flow adjustment

Hosco Restrictor RIL-6-AJ

Restrictor RIL-6-AJ (Picture Source: Hosco Fittings)

The restrictors RIL-6-AJ and RY-6AJ both feature externally accessible flow adjustment that allows operators to fine-tune spray gun flow rates without removing the restrictor from the line. Only a 3mm hex wrench is required to modify flow rates. The RIL-6-AJ is designed for use with the company’s patented Monoline coaxial circulating paint hose or in a dead end application, while the new RY-6-AJ model is “Y” configured for connection to conventional two-hose circulating systems. Both models are made of stainless steel, are lightweight and are suitable for use in manual or automatic operations. Each restrictor model is available with 3/8″ NPS male connections (two on the RY unit) and one 3/8″ NPS female fitting, or with BPS (British Pipe Standard) threads.

Paint Hose Fittings – made of Nylon Plastics

Hosco Nylon Connectors for paint applications

The non-conductive fittings feature a double barb design for maximum hose retention and are ideal for electrostatic painting or other applications that require a lightweight, durable hose connection. Sizes are now available in 6X8, 7X10, 9X12 and 3/8 X ½ hose sizes, all with ¼” NPT male threads. The fittings are certified “silicone free” along with the rest of Hosco Fittings’ finishing products.

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