Hosco Restrictor and Hose Fittings for Spray Guns and Paint Lines

The company Hosco Fittings, LLC (USA), a leading manufacturer of components for paint and finish delivery systems, has introduced spray line/gun restrictors which are designed to provide greater control over paint and finish flow rates.

Hosco Restrictor RIL-6-AJ
Restrictor RIL-6-AJ (Picture Source: Hosco Fittings)

Restrictors RIL-6-AJ and RY-6AJ both feature externally accessible flow adjustment

The restrictors RIL-6-AJ and RY-6AJ both feature externally accessible flow adjustment that allows operators to fine-tune spray gun flow rates without removing the restrictor from the line. Only a 3mm hex wrench is required to modify flow rates. The RIL-6-AJ is designed for use with the company’s patented Monoline coaxial circulating paint hose or in a dead end application, while the new RY-6-AJ model is “Y” configured for connection to conventional two-hose circulating systems. Both models are made of stainless steel, are lightweight and are suitable for use in manual or automatic operations. Each restrictor model is available with 3/8″ NPS male connections (two on the RY unit) and one 3/8″ NPS female fitting, or with BPS (British Pipe Standard) threads.

Paint hose fittings made of nylon plastics

The company also offers a line of line of plastic hose fittings are made with injection molded nylon.

Hosco Nylon Connectors for paint applications

The non-conductive fittings feature a double barb design for maximum hose retention and are ideal for electrostatic painting or other applications that require a lightweight, durable hose connection. Sizes are now available in 6X8, 7X10, 9X12 and 3/8 X ½ hose sizes, all with ¼” NPT male threads. The fittings are certified “silicone free” along with the rest of Hosco Fittings’ finishing products. Hosco was founded in 2010 as a manufacturer of paint circulation and application finishing fittings.

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