Back-Pressure Regulator for Paint Circulation Systems

  • Streamlined design with novel double diaphragm system
  • Extremely low shear, easy flushing

Pressure fluctuations in paint circulation systems are a common problem. The new back-pressure regulator TimECO of German company Timmer GmbH was specially developed to address this problem. Thanks to the new design, it does not only precisely control back pressure to the spray guns and maintain the right pressure throughout the system, but does also address the drawbacks of conventional back pressure regulators: High shear stresses within the regulator.

Timmer back pressure regulator
Back-pressure regulator for paint circulation systems (source: Timmer GmbH)

Extremely low shear, easy flushing

The flow channels of the new back pressure regulator come in a streamlined design, i.e. the fluid is guided in a straight line so that dangerous high shear stresses are avoided. Positive side-effect: the regulator is easy to flush. In addition, the new regulator features an innovative double diaphragm system. The regulator is suitable for a wide range of fluids, including water-based paints. The overall design and fluid connections enable the TimEcco to be used as a replacement for back pressure regulators of other brands.

Technical Specification:

Flow rate (max.): 40 l/min [10.5 gpm]
Working pressure (max.): 25 bar [362 psi]

The company Timmer is also known as a pioneer in high-pressure 3:1 diaphragm pumps (up to 20 bar / 290 PSI) which are used as paint circulation pumps and which gradually replace expensive and difficult to maintain piston pumps.

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