Anest Iwata introduces WS-200SP spray gun with Split Nozzle

Anest Iwata has further developed its WS-200 range of pressure feed spray guns and has introduced the new models WS-200SP and WS-200FT.

WS-200SP (SP = Split Nozzle) with Pre-Atomization Technology

The WS-200SP (SP = Split Nozzle) works with a pre-atomization technology that delivers a particular fine and uniform atomization. The material is applied selectively, resulting in higher transfer efficiency and less overspray.

Iwata WS-200SP spray gun
Iwata WS-200SP spray gun with split nozzle (Source: Anest Iwata)

WS-200FT (Flat Tip Nozzle) – Round Nozzle

The WS-200FT is equipped with a traditional Flat Tip Nozzle (Round nozzle) and is suitable for all conventional paint systems.

Both WS-200 spray guns feature several modifications compared to the standard WS-200 range.

  • Removable baffle ring (air distributor)
    – made of anodized aluminum
    – optimizes the air flow between gun and nozzle
  • Air valve seat
    – equipped with a solvent-resistant seal
  • Air valve seat assembly
    – made with a fixed stop, thus no risk of over-rotation
  • Notch on needle
    – allows easy and fast removing of the needle
  • Sliding ring on needle spring
    – ensures smooth adjustment of the amount of material
  • Stainless steel trigger
    – with additional POM protection plate
    – easy to adjust, and can now be fixed steadily by means of an Allen screw
  • Wetted parts
    – all parts in contact with the material are made of stainless steel
  • Aluminum body
    – chrome plated for easy cleaning

The WS-200 pressure feed guns are suitable to be operated together with diaphragm pumps and paint pressure tanks.

Service Manual / Parts Breakdown

Service Manual Iwata W200SP (*.pdf, source: Anest Iwata)

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