Sata Adam2 Digital Air Regulator

Spray Gun Regulator for Air Inlet Pressure

Accurately setting and displaying the air inlet pressure of a spray gun is one of the most important factors in achieving an optimal and consistent spray pattern and ensuring a high quality finish.

Sata adam2 air regulator with display
Digital air regulator SATA adam 2 (photo: SATA GmbH & Co. KG)

Sata Adam2 – Digital Regulator for all SATA Spray Guns

With the SATA Adam 2, SATA offers a digital air regulator that displays the spray gun inlet pressure with an accuracy of +/- 0.05 bar [+/- 0.7 psi]. The display always remains in the horizontal center position, ensuring good readability of the pressure. The SATA Adam 2 consists of two parts: “dock” and “display”. While the “display” remains the same (either in chrome or black), the “docks” are different and are available separately, so that all SATA spray guns can be retrofitted.

Sata Adam2 U (=Universal) – Digital Regulator for Competitor Spray Guns

To retrofit non-SATA spray guns, the company offers its Sata adam2 U (=Universal). For this purpose, a special “dock” is offered, which can be mounted on the air inlet thread (underneath the grip) and can replace any analog pressure gauge with G 1/8 external thread. With this retrofit, basically any non-digital spray gun can be converted to “digital”.

Sata Adam2 and Adam2 U Model Overview

Sata Adam2 / Adam2 U Selection Chart (*.pdf, source: Sata)

How to change the battery of Sata Adam2?

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What exactly is a Digital Paint Sprayer or Digital Spray Gun?

When it comes to paint sprayers or spray guns, the term “digital” refers to the type of air pressure regulator that the particular spray gun/paint sprayer uses. If the air regulator is digital (with a digital display), then the entire spray gun/paint sprayer is often referred to as “digital”. The overall design of the spray gun (except for the air regulator) is the same, and the same spray results can be achieved. However, the high precision air regulator makes it easier to achieve reproducible results.

Sata Air Regulator adam2 for Sale

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Sata – Adam2

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