Sagola 4500 Xtreme Spray Gun

Technical Specifications

Available Nozzle Sizes: 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 mm
Atomization Technique:
Transfer Efficiency:
75% (HVLP), 65% (EPA) 
Body Material:
forged anodized aluminium
Air consumption (@2bar):

LXT01: 255 lpm [9.0 cfm]
LXT AQUA: 280 lpm [9.9 cfm]
LXT HVLP: 400 lpm [14.1 cfm]
LXT CLEAR: 330 lpm 11.7 cfm]
Cup Capacity:
650 ml [22 oz.]
Weight (digital version):
695 g [1.5 lbs]


The Sagola 4500 Xtreme has a wide range of air caps available, allowing the gun to spray virtually any type of new paint being introduced by automotive paint manufacturers. And to meet the application needs with new waterborne paints, the company has also launched a dedicated air cap series called LXT AQUA. HVLP air caps are also available.

This gun has seven (7) patents covering parts such as the flow regulator inlet, packing nut, digital pressure gauge, mold designs and air caps with deflectors. A special feature is the minimum number of spare parts: the gun is manufactured without any type of gasket, internal or external, at the closures between the air and the paint. Another unique feature is the one-piece automatic paint packing gland, which eliminates manipulation and breakage of the gland and makes it easier to remove for thorough cleaning of the paint part. The latest model in the Xtreme series is the Sagola 4600 spray gun.

Air Caps & Nozzles

MS LXT 01 (Multiproduct)
1.3 mm LXT01 (10141811)
1.4 mm LXT01 (10141817)

LXT CLEAR (Clearcoats)
1.3 mm LXT CLEAR (10141813)
1.4 mm LXT CLEAR (10141819)

LXT Aqua (waterborne)
1.2 mm LXT AQUA (10141832)
1.3 mm LXT AQUA (10141812)
1.4 mm LXT AQUA (10141818)

LXT HVLP (basecoats, water and solvent based)
1.3 mm LXT HVLP (10141814)
1.4 mm LXT HVLP (10141820)


Automotive refinishing, General purpose finishing

Sagola 4500 Review

Service Manual

Sagola 4500 Part List (Source: Sagola)

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