Technical Information

Part No.: 101115
0.5-3.6 mm (continuously adjustable!)
Atomization Technique:
(see “features” below)
Air inlet pressure (recommended): 3.0-6.0 bar at 200 lpm
Air inlet pressure (max.)
: 10 bar
Material inlet pressure (max.): 8 bar
Weight (without cup): 680g
– Needle and nozzle made of stainless steel


This is a quite unique atomization technology. The spray material does not exit in a mixed line/jet as it happens at conventional air atomization systems. At this system the material is atomized with low pressure while at the same time being encapsulated by an envelope of air. This air jacket presses the atomized spray material against the surface of the to be painted part and prevents clouds of atomized spray material from escaping (reduced overspray). Also unique: The so-called Akkord nozzle can be adjusted in a range of 0.5-3.6mm. Apart from the Akkord  nozzle also nozzle sets with fixed nozzle diameters and standard nozzle caps can be installed in the spray gun.


Automotive refinishing, metal manufacturing, wood industry, general industry, coating materials such as paint, lacquer, stripping agent, oil, fatty matters and similar materials

Service Manual

Metacap D/A Service Manual (Source: Metacap)

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