Automatic spray guns, dispensing guns (automatic and manual), dosing and mixing system, manual guns, extrusion pumps,  electrostatic equipment, low and high pressure pumps, transfer pumps, pressure pots, spray guns, airless equipment, electrostatic spray guns, pressure regulators

Special Focus

Systems for glues and sealants


1924 Kremlin introduces air spray guns to the finishing industry
1947 Sames (electrostatic equipment for industrial applications) opens in France
1954 Rexson introduces equipment for high viscosity materials
1995 Kremlin joins the Exel Industries Group
2001 Sames joins the Exel Industries Group
2003 Kremlin and Rexson merge to form one company Kremlin Rexson

Contact Details

13 chemin de Malacher
Inovallée CS70086
38243 MEYLAN cedex
Tel. : +33 (0)4 76 41 60 60

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