SAGOLA 3300 GTO CAR: Primer spray gun for automotive refinishing and bodyshops

Sagola has released the mid to high range 3300 GTO CAR spray gun for automotive refinishing and bodyshops. The spray gun can be considered as a fusion between the 4100 GTO and 3300 PRO. The 3300 GTO CAR is available in a wide range of EPA and HVLP air caps for high transfer efficiency and to meet applications of clear coats and waterborne paints.

Technical Specifications:

Weight (without cup): 423 g.
Air inlet: 1/4″
Minimum product transfer: 65% / 75%
Maximum working pressure input: 2 bar
Cup capacity: 650 ml

Air Consumption / Fan Size / Application Distance

Air ConsumptionFan SizeApplication Distance
GTO TECH290 lpm290-300 mm18-20 cm
GTO HVLP360 lpm290-300 mm12-15 cm


  • Metal to Metal design (no closing joints between components) and without gaskets between air and paint
  • One single piece automatic paint packing gland
  • Single axis system: inherited from the Xtreme series, simplified design and maximum reduction of parts and maintenance.
  • RC2 air flow regulator included as standard

Manual/Parts Breakdown

Sagola 3300 GTO manual (*.pdf, source: manualzz)

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