Tekna Prolite Clearcoat/Basecoat Spray Gun

The Devilbiss Tekna Prolite is the spray gun for automotive refinishing (both clear and basecoats) and available in the nozzle sizes 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4 mm. The spray gun comes with a 900 cc aluminum cup.

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Technical Specifications

Brand: Devilbiss Tekna
Part Number:
Type: Basecoat/Clearcoat gun
Air Cap: TE10, TE20

Air Cap Part Number Atomization Spray Pattern Applications
TE10 703538 High Efficiency 12-13″ [305-330 mm] Basecoats, low solids
TE20 703539 High Efficiency 12-13″ [305-330 mm] Basecoats, high solids

Nozzle Sizes: 1.2, 1.3 mm and 1.4 mm
Air Inlet Pressure (recommended): 1.5 – 2 bar [22-29 psi]
Gun Body: Aluminum
Air Cap: Brass
Fluid Tip/Nozzle: Stainless Steel
Fluid Needle: Stainless Steel
Air Inlet Thread: Universal ¼” (BSP and NPS)
Gun Weight: 420 g [14.8 oz]
Cup Capacity: 900 ml [30.4 oz]

Repair Kit:
703536 Repair Kit (not included)
Air Valve Kit (not included)


The Devilbiss Tekna Prolite spray gun is suitable for solvent and waterborne materials. Depending on the air cap used, the gun can be used as either an automotive basecoat or clearcoat gun.

FAQ: Is the Tekna Prolite a conventional or HVLP spray gun?

The Tekna Pro-Lite has the same design as the Devilbiss Pro-Lite. With this particular Devilbiss / Tekna model, the air cap determines whether it is an HVLP or conventional spray gun. Both guns can be used with either TE10, TE20 (high efficiency air caps) or HV30 (HVLP air cap) air caps. Therefore, yes, it is possible to use the Tekna Prolite (Tekna Pro-Lite) as an HVLP spray gun.


(not included)
As an option, the Tekna Prolite spray gun is also available with the HVLP air cap HV30 (spray pattern 13-14″) suitable for basecoats and clearcoats.

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