Anest Iwata Century Series RG-3 Paint Spray Gun

Technical Specifications

Part No.: H 9100
0.6-mm (Screw-In Nozzle)
Pattern Width mm (inch): 3-mm to 64-mm (1/8 in. to 2 1/2) Round, Oval or Fan
Air Cap Model: Fan Pattern Air Cap
Cup: 4 oz [110 ml]
Trigger: Fixed Double-Action
Misc.: Pre-Set Needle Adjustment | Air Pressure Adjustment


This RG-3 mini spray gun is a conventional spray gun and the successor of the RG-2 gun, i.e. it features the same spray pattern. The main difference is the integrated cartridge-style “air-valve” set. It can be considered as something between air brush and spray gun. As with most Japanese-made brands, the gravity cup is side-mounted with 360° rotation which allows the operator to spray at a wide variety of angles, i.e  spraying horizontally, vertically, or even underneath surfaces.


This gun is suitable for detail automotive touch up, blending and shading and used by auto-graphics artists, auto-body refinishers, custom-auto painters, large-scale mural and sign makers, general-purpose painters and artists.

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