SATAjet 4000 B Spray Gun RP/HVLP

Technical Specifications

AtomizationRP (Reduced Pressure)HVLP (Low Volume Low Pressure)
Nozzle Range1.3, 1.4, 1.5 mm1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.6, 1.8 mm
Air Inlet Pressure
2-2.2 bar [29-32 psi]2 bar [29]
Air Consumption285 lpm [10.1 cfm]430 lpm [15.2 cfm]
Air inlet:G 1/4 ext.G 1/4 ext.
Spray Distance
17-21 cm [6.7-8.3 in]13-17 cm [5.1-6.7 in]
Weight: 612 g [21.6 oz]612 g [21.6 oz]
Cup Size (plastic)600 ml [20.3 oz]600 ml [20.3 oz]
Operating temperature (max.):50°C [122°F]50°C [122°F]
Gun Body:chrome-platedchrome-plated


The Satajet 4000 B is about 15% lighter than the Satajet 3000 (including integrated digital pressure gauge and RPS disposable cup). Compared to the Satajet 3000, the gun has redesigned controls (easier adjustment while wearing gloves), pattern control (only a quarter turn from open to closed), and with an inlet pressure of only 2 – 2.2 bar, the noise level is reduced by up to 50%.


Automotive refinishing

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