Airless Spraying – Common Terms & Definitions

Here are the most common terms and definitions that are normally used when speaking about airless spraying and airless paint sprayers.

Airless Gun

A special gun that is designed to withstand high pressure and that has only one fluid hose connection

Airless Pump

A pump designed to create high fluid pressures which are needed in the airless spray process

Airless Spray

A technique of using high pressure (around 500-4500 psi / 35-310 bar) to create high fluid velocity that atomizes paint material without using air

Airless Sprayer

A set of equipment that consists of a high-pressure Airless Pump, powered either by air or electricity, Airless Gun and accessories for the spraying of liquid materials at high pressure


(SYNO: Spray Fan) – The spray pattern (shape) created by the airless spray gun and tip, usually long and narrow in shape

Fan Size

The size of the Fan measured from top-to-bottom, usually 12-14 inch distance from the surface of the work piece

In-Line Filter

A filter which connects in the paint line of an airless unit before the spray gun

Inlet Tube

(SYNO: Siphon Inlet Hose) — The tube that picks up paint from the material container to bring it to the inlet side of the fluid section of the Airless Pump

Nozzle Tip

(SYNO: Spray Tip) – The final piece of the Airless Gun through which the material passes and causes atomization, has a small orifice in the size between 0.007 to 0.072 inch, often made of tungsten carbide


The hole of the Nozzle Tip, the size of the orifice determines the amount of material that passes through

Pole Gun

A spray gun with Tip Extension (pole) that allows to spray hard to reach places


The process to remove air from the system and to get the paint into the pump

Spray Angle

The angle that is cut into a Nozzle Tip and determines the spray fan pattern

Spray Gun Swivel

A part that connects spray gun and hose for easier gun maneuverability (and prevention of tangles with airless hose)

Tip Extension

A tubular extension attached to the Airless Sprayer (in place of the tip guard which is then mounted at the end of the extension). It allows to spray hard to reach places

Tip Guard

The piece attached around the tip of the spray gun to prevent direct contact with tip and to prevent injuries

Twist Tip

(SYNO: Nozzle Cleaner) – A nozzle that facilitates the cleaning of airless tips by being able to reverse the tip and blow back paint through the tip to clean it

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