Two-Component Dispensing System Graco ExactaBlend AGP

dispensing of two-component materials such as silicone, urethane and polysulfide 

Technical Information:

– different machine models for different materials: silicone, urethane or polysulfide

Ratio (by weight): 6:1 to 14:1
Capacity: 200 liter/20 liter (55 gallon/5 gallon)
Working Pressure: 207 bar/3,000 psi (models MD2 & Ultra-lite with flexible hose mixer),
276 bar/4,000 psi (Ultra-lite with Tri-core mixer)
Hose (base): 16mm x 3,050mm (5/8″ x 120″)
Hose (catalyst): different ID and length sizes available

– with/without boom
– further accessories


The dispensing system Graco ExactaBlend AGP (also called Advanced Glazing Proportioner) provides on-ratio dispensing of two-component sealants and adhesives for different applications, including curtainwall and insulating glass. The system is easy to operate, for example a green light indicates on-ratio dispensing or the system automatically shuts down if off-ratio conditions exist. There is also an optional of data download providing reports on ratio, flow rate and material usage.


two-component silicone, polysulfide, and urethane materials, adhesives (e.g. curtainwall, fenestration, insulating glass)

Case Study

(see Video above)

Further information:

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