Durr Receives Largest Robot Order from Tesla

  • 100 paint robots
  • 48 handling robots
  • 26 sealing robots

The German engineering company Durr has received its largest order for application technology ever. A total of 174 robots are to be installed in three phases which will increase Tesla’s Freemont painting capacity to around 500,000 cars per year. The paint shop will be ready by end of 2015. The paint robots will apply automotive paint and sealer on the Tesla models S and X.

Durr ECoBell electrostatic atomizer
Durr EcoBell3 Atomizer (Source: Durr)

Paint Robots with Durr EcoBell3 Atomizers

The paint robots are equipped with different kinds of Durr EcoBell3 atomizers: EcoBell3 Ci (for waterborne paint on cabin plastics parts), EcoBell3 E (for waterborne paint on external parts) and EcoBell3 with direct charge (for solvent-based paints). In addition, Durr EcoLCC2 color changers are employed, which are able to handle up to 36 colors. Primer and base coat are waterborne while 2K solvent based paint is used as clear coat.

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