What Spray Gun to use for…?

What spray gun (and set-up) to use for clear coat, primer, plasti dip, Cerakote, bed liner, latex paint or gel coat? Here an overview:

What is the best spray gun for Cerakote?

The ceramic coating Cerakote is usually applied to small areas. Therefore so-called mini, spot-repair or touch-up spray guns with a narrow spray pattern are best suited. Examples are the Devilbiss Sri Pro Lite and Iwata LPH80 spray guns with a nozzle size of about 0.8 mm.

What is the best spray gun for Plasti Dip?

Plasti Dip can be sprayed with either conventional air spray gun, HVLP gun or airless paint sprayer (for large areas). As the Plasti Dip material can be diluted up to 50% with thinner, the nozzle/tip size for the air spray gun also varies. Typical nozzle sizes are 1.2 mm (pressure feed) to 1.4-1.8 mm (gravity feed). More information.