Plasti Dip Sprayers and Spray Guns: A Comprehensive Guide

Plasti Dip is a versatile rubber coating that can be applied to a wide range of surfaces to protect them from damage, enhance their appearance and add grip. It has been on the market for over 45 years and is used by people all over the world, with car refinishing being one of the main applications. But which sprayer or gun can be used for Plasti Dip and other rubber paints? This guide will give an overview of the different types of spray guns that can be used and will also go through the essential steps of surface preparation and application of Plasti Dip to achieve the best results.

Can I apply Plasti Dip with a conventional paint sprayer?

Yes, it is possible to apply Plasti Dip with a conventional air spray gun, HVLP gun or airless paint sprayer.

Air Spray Guns (conventional)

Professional ‘conventional’ air spray guns (such as Devilbiss, Binks or Iwata) will give the best coating results. Here ‘conventional’ means spray guns that operate at pressures greater than 1 bar and do not use an HVLP atomization system. Both gravity and pressure feed spray guns can be used. Cost effective alternatives include the Devilbiss FLG-4, Devilbiss GFG-670 and Binks Model 2100. Siphon/suction types are not recommended. In general, primer guns are a good choice.

Nozzle size can range from 1.2 mm [0.046 in] for pressure feed to 1.4-1.8 mm [0.055-0.07 in] for gravity feed guns. Depending on nozzle size and specific grade, Plasti Dip material may need to be diluted with up to 50% thinner.

For example, Plasti Dip International recommends the Binks Model 95 with 1.2 mm [0.046 in] nozzle and air cap, which has a maximum air consumption of up to 20 cfm [566 lpm] at 70 psi [4.8 bar] in combination with up to 50% dilution for Plasti Dip Multi-Purpose Rubber Coating.
Note: This is the maximum air cap flow rate at maximum pressure. Under normal operating conditions, material pressure should be set between 20-25 psi [1.4-1.7 bar] and air atomization should be set between 15-25 psi [1.0-1.7 bar] at the tank.

Recommended Spray Gun Set-Up

Spray GunNozzleNozzle SizeAir CapAir Cap Consumption
Plasti Dip – PrimerBinks Model 6263B0.046 in [1.2 mm]63PB20 cfm [566 lpm]
PDC – Synthetic Rubber CoatingBinks Model 2001/9566SS0.07 in [1.8 mm]66SD12 cfm [340 lpm]
HCF – Flexible Acrylic Water Base CoatingBinks Model 9563B0.046 in [1.2 mm]63PB20 cfm [566 lpm]
PDC F-674 eccs – Acrylic Water BaseBinks Model 2001/9566SS0.07 in [1.8 mm]66SD12 cfm [340 lpm]
PDC F-753 – Vinyl Solvent BaseBinks Model 2001/9566SS0.07 in [1.8mm]66SD12 cfm [340 lpm]
Plasti Dip – Multi-Purpose Rubber CoatingBinks Model 9563B0.046 in [1.2 mm]63PB20 cfm [566 lpm]
Plasti Dip – Super GripBinks Model 9563D0.055 in [1.4 mm]66SD12 cfm [340 lpm]
*Recommended spray gun and set-up by Performix (based on pressure feed spray gun)

In summary: Nozzle size is not a major issue as most Plasti Dip grades can be diluted (some up to 50%). An air cap/air nozzle with higher air flow at air pressures above 1 bar is a good choice.Nozzle size is not much of an issue as most Plasti Dip grades can be diluted (some up to 50%). An air cap/air nozzle with higher air flow at air pressures above 1 bar is a good choice.

Electric (HVLP) Sprayers

This type of DIY sprayer is widely recommended. In fact, surfing the Internet, it seems that this is the only solution for Plasti Dip. This is not the case. They are popular because they are a cheap alternative (no compressor required), not because they give a better coating result. Such electric sprayers usually come with only one (or a few) nozzle sizes, which is a definite disadvantage.

Spraying Plasti Dip with HVLP Spray Gun?

It is also possible to apply Plasti Dip with an HVLP spray gun if required by local regulations. However, this does not mean that the coating results will be superior to those achieved with conventional air spray guns.

Airless Paint Sprayer

It is technically possible to spray Plasti Dip with an airless sprayer. This would make sense for larger product surfaces or areas. However, the surface may be rougher than with other spray technologies. For more information, including possible tip sizes, see the Airless vs. Air Paint Sprayer article

How to Apply Plasti Dip with a Spray Gun?

Surface Preparation

The key to a successful Plasti Dip application is proper surface preparation. It is essential that the surface is thoroughly cleaned and dry prior to application.

Hot water is the best way to clean the surface, as some soap detergents contain residues that may not adhere to Plasti Dip. A suitable degreaser can also be used to remove any oil or dirt, particularly on metal and plastic surfaces.

Any petroleum, citric, alcohol or solvent based car care products (such as wheel polish or paint cloths) should be avoided as they may leave residues which may cause adhesion problems.
It is also important to note that Plasti Dip will not adhere to surfaces that have been waxed or polished. If the surface has been previously treated in this way, the wax or polish must be removed before applying the coating.

Applying Plasti Dip

Once the surface has been properly prepared, the Plasti Dip can be applied using one of the spray guns mentioned above. Although the coating can be applied by brush or roller, it’s recommended that a spray gun be used for best results.

Plasti Dip liquid should first be filtered and then diluted to 50/50 by weight (see Plasti Dip product information for instructions). The temperature of the spray area should be between 50-81°F [10- 27°C].
When applying Plasti Dip, it’s important to work in thin, even coats. Applying too many coats can result in a rough, uneven finish. Allow each coat to dry for at least 30-45 minutes (at temperatures of 61-72°F /16-22°C) before applying the next coat. It’s recommended to apply at least 4-6 coats of Plasti Dip for optimum protection and durability. The material will be fully cured/dry in 24-48 hours depending on the temperature. Drying times should be increased in colder conditions.

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