Wagner Colora ZIP 52 Diaphragm Pump (Aluminum/PTFE) Size 1/2 inch

The Wagner Zip 52 Colora is a low pressure double diaphragm pump (size: 1/2 inch,body material: aluminum, diaphragm: PTFE), suitable for use in a wide range of coating applications

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Technical Specifications

Brand: Wagner
Type: Low Pressure Double Diaphragm Pump

Ratio: 1:1
Fluid Inlet & Outlet: 1/2 inch
Air Inlet: 1/4 inch
Diaphragm Material: PTFE
Conveying Capacity:
52 lpm [13.5 gpm]
Working Fluid Pressure (max.): 8 bar [116 psi]
Operating Temperature (max.): 4-90°C [39-194°F]
Repair Kits:
Liquid Service Set T9080.00 (not included)
Air Valve Set P4003.00 (not included)


The Wagner Colora Zip 52 is suitable for use with both automatic and manual spray guns (HVLP and conventional air atomization). It is used to apply coatings to wood, metal, synthetic material, glass or leather in furniture, construction, metal industry, general purpose finishing.

Service Manual/Parts Breakdown

Wagner Colora Zip 52 manual (Source: Manualslib)


As an option, the Wagner Zip 52 Colora pump is available in different materials in order to cover a wide range of fluids, including water and solvent-based paints, moisture-sensitive materials, shear-sensitive coatings, UV-cure materials and temperature reactive materials). Depending on the materials, the pump is also suitable for highly abrasive materials, high viscosity materials, shear sensitive and thixotropic paints.

Model No. ZIP52 Codes

For example: U550.ATSS8

U550 – model series
A – Body Material (A=Alumium, S=Stainless Steel, P=Polypropylene) 
T – Diaphragm Material (T=PTFE, H=UHMWPE)
R – Valve Seat (R=PPS, S=Stainless Steel)
D – Valve Ball (D=POM, S=Stainless Steel)

 Pump No.  Body Material  Diaphragm  Valve Seat  Valve Ball  O-Rings
 U550.ATRD7  Aluminum  PTFE  PPS  Acetal (POM)  PTFE
 U550.ATSS7  Aluminum  PTFE  Stainless Steel  Stainless Steel  PTFE
 U550.ATSS8  Aluminum  PTFE  Stainless Steel  Stainless Steel  PTFE
 U551.ATSS7  Aluminum  PTFE  Stainless Steel  Stainless Steel  PTFE
 U555.ATSS7  Aluminum  PTFE  Stainless Steel  Stainless Steel  PTFE
 U550.STSS7  Stainless Steel  PTFE  Stainless Steel  Stainless Steel  PTFE
 U552.PTSS7  Polypropylene  PTFE  Stainless Steel  Stainless Steel  PTFE
 U553.PHSD7  Polypropylene  UHMWPE  Stainless Steel  Acetal (POM)  PTFE
 U553.PTSS7  Polypropylene  PTFE  Stainless Steel  Stainless steel  PTFE


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