Wagner Cobra 40-10 High-Pressure Diaphragm Pump

The Wagner Zip 52 Colora is a low pressure double diaphragm pump suitable for Airless and Air Coat applications up to 250 bar in furniture, construction, metal industry, general purpose finishing

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Technical Specifications

Brand: Wagner
2329519 (without frame)
Pump Type: High-pressure diaphragm pump
Pump Ratio: 40:10
Fluid Pressure (max.): 250 bar [3626 psi]
Material Pressure at Pump Inlet (max.): 20 bar [290 psi]
Air Inlet Pressure: 2.5–6.3 bar [36–91 psi]
Flow Rate (max.): 2.0 lpm [0.53 gpm]
Flow per Double Stroke (DS): 10 cm3/DS [0.01 liter]
Stroke Rate (max.): 200 DS/min
Material Temperature: 10-80°C [50-176°F]
Ambient Temperature: 10–60°C [50–140°F]
Fluid Outlet: 3/8″ NPS


Airless and Air Coat applications up to 250 bar in furniture, construction, metal, general finishing (including water and solvent based paints, moisture sensitive materials, shear sensitive coatings, UV curing materials and temperature reactive materials). The pump can also handle highly abrasive and aggressive materials.

Working Principle & Features

A pneumatic motor pressurizes the hydraulic section at a ratio of 40:1. The oil then transfers the pressure to the fluid being pumped through the two diaphragms that deliver the material. A special inlet valve allows high frequency operation, i.e. a high flow rate can be achieved with a comparably small pump volume. In addition: Solvent consumption and material waste during rinsing and color changes are reduced. Since the pump is completely sealed (no contact between fluid and atmosphere) and generates minimal shear, it can be used with critical coatings such as reactive (e.g. UV) coatings.
Special feature: It is the first high-pressure pneumatic pump without packing.

Service Manual/Parts Breakdown

Cobra 40-10 Manual   (*.pdf, source: manualslib)


(not included)

Repair/Rebuild Kit:
2312288 Service set Cobra material pump 40-10
322917 Service set Cobra Piston 40-10

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