Sandpiper Diaphragm Pump S05B2G2TXNS000 (Acetal/PTFE) Size 1/2 inch

This Sandpiper (Warren Rupp) Diaphragm pump is self-priming and can therefore run dry without damage. Due to its acetal body material, the pump features a so-called seal-less design and is 100% corrosion-resistant. The Sandpiper pump can be employed for solids handling and high-suction lift applications, including antifreeze, ATF, light viscosity petroleum, synthetic-based oils and waste oils.

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Technical Specifications

Brand: Sandpiper (brand of Warren Rupp)
Ratio: 1:1

Fluid Inlet & Outlet: 1/2 inch (NPT)
Air Inlet: 1/4″ (NPT)

Conveying Capacity:
53 liter [14 gallon]
Body Housing Material: Acetal
Diaphragm Material: PTFE (Santoprene Backup)
Self-Priming: 3.7m/12 ft. (dry) 3.7m/12 ft. (wet) 
Solid Size (max.): 1/8″
Operating Pressure (max.): 7 bar [100 psi]
Operating Temperature (max.): 104°C [220°F]
Compliance: CE, ATEX, EAC
Manufacturers Warranty: 1 year


Paints, inks, adhesives, chemicals, lubricants

Service Kits

Air Section Service Kit: 476.219.000 AIR END KIT
Fluid Section Service Kit: 476.202.654 (PTFE/SANTOPRENE BACKUP)

Service Manual

Sandpiper S05 Manual & Part diagram  (source: manualslib)

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