Binks 83C-220 Pressure Pot 2.8 gallon – Zinc Plated – Dual Regulator

The Binks 83C-220 2.8 gallon pressure pot/tank with has double regulation and is designed for industrial spray painting applications. Conforms to regulations: PED, ATEX, ASME, CE

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Technical Specifications

Part Number: 83C-220
Tank Capacity
: 2.8 gallon [10 liter]
Type: pressure tank
Body Material: carbon steel (zinc plated)
Regulation: Double
Agitator: no
Pressure (max.): 5.5 bar [80 PSI]
Fluid Outlet: 3/8″ NPS
Air Inlet: 1/4″ NPS
Pressure Safety Valve: yes
Weight: 38 lbs [17 kg]
Conforms to regulations: PED, ATEX, ASME, CE


The pressure tank has double regulation and can be used with either plastic liners or a 1 gallon pail inside. The Binks 83C-220 does not have an agitator. As with all Binks pressure pots, this pressure tank is fully compliant with European and global pressure regulations including PED, ATEX and ASME.


For solvent based coatings, paints, glue, chemicals and general fluids that need constant agitation.

Service Manual/Parts Breakdown

Binks 83C Pressure Tank Manual (*.pdf, source: Manualslib)


(not included)

Inner Liners: PT-78-K10, PT-78-K60 (not included)
Head Gasket: PT-33-1 (not included)

As an option, the Binks 83C pressure tank (zinc plated) is also available as
83C-210: Single regulation, no agitator
83C-220: Dual regulation, no agitator
83C-211: Single regulation, air driven agitator
83C-221: Dual regulation, air driven agitator

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