Binks 83C-221 Pressure Pot 2.8 gallon – Zinc Plated – Dual Regulator – Direct Air Agitator

The Binks 83C-221 2.8 gallon pressure pot/tank with double regulation and air agitator (direct drive) is designed for industrial spray painting applications. Conforms to regulations: PED, ATEX, ASME, CE

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Technical Specifications

Part Number: 83C-221
Tank Capacity
: 2.8 gallon [10 liter]
Type: pressure tank
Body Material: carbon steel (zinc plated)
Regulation: Double
Agitator: Air Agitator (direct Drive)
Pressure (max.): 5.5 bar [80 PSI]
Fluid Outlet: 3/8″ NPS
Air Inlet: 1/4″ NPS
Pressure Safety Valve: yes
Weight: 38 lbs [17 kg]
Conforms to regulations: PED, ATEX, ASME, CE


The pressure tank features dual regulation, direct drive air agitation and can be used with either plastic liners or a 1 gallon pail inside. As with all Binks pressure tanks, the Binks 83C-210 fully complies with European and global pressure regulations including PED, ATEX and ASME.


For solvent based coatings, paints, glue, chemicals and general fluids that need constant agitation.

Service Manual/Parts Breakdown

Binks 83C Pressure Tank Manual (*.pdf, source: Manualslib)


(not included)

Inner Liners: PT-78-K10, PT-78-K60 (not included)
Head Gasket: PT-33-1 (not included)

As an option, the Binks 83C pressure tank (zinc plated) is also available as
83C-210: Single regulation, no agitator
83C-220: Dual regulation, no agitator
83C-211: Single regulation, air driven agitator
83C-221: Dual regulation, air driven agitator

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