Iwata Wider 4 Gravity Feed Paint Spray Gun

The Anest Iwata WIDER4 spray gun, the successor to the W-400 series, is a conventional spray gun, supplied with a 1.4 mm nozzle and can be considered a general purpose spray gun.

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Technical Specifications

Manufacturer: Anest Iwata
Model: Wider 4
Part Number:
Nozzle Size: 14 (= 1.4 mm)
Air Cap Type: Wider4-J2
G: Gravity Feed
Atomization Technology:  Conventional
Air Consumption (max.): 280 lpm [10 cfm]
Spray Pattern: 280 mm [11 in]
Air Atomizing Pressure (recommended): 2 bar [29 psi]
Weight: 355 g [12.5 oz]
Air Inlet: 1/4″
Temperature Range: 5-40°C [41-104°F]
Misc: successor of model W-400-142G


The Anest Iwata WIDER4 with conventional atomisation is the successor to the W-400 series and can be considered a general purpose spray gun. Nozzles from 1.2 to 2.5 mm are available as options, allowing a wide range of coatings to be sprayed, from light to high viscosity materials. Compared to the previous W-400 model, the gun features a total weight reduction of 25 g. The overall length of the body has been reduced by 3.5 mm and the handle has been lengthened by 5.0 mm to move the centre of gravity to the hand side.This improves handling, reduces fatigue and is expected to increase work efficiency.


Automotive refinishing (incl. primer, base coat, clear coat)

Instruction Manual/Parts Breakdown

Iwata Wider4 Instructions Manual (source: Anest Iwata)


(not included)

Iwata Paint Cup: PC-G600P-2
Disposable Cup Adapters:

3M PPS 2.0 #S2 – 26003 (not included)
Sata RPS #1 – 125211 (not included)
Devilbiss DeKups DPC-11 (not included)

Air Consumption & Pattern Width

Model Nozzle Size mm [in] Air Cap Air Consumption lpm [cfm] Pattern Width mm (in) @250 mm/9.8 in
Wider4-12J2 1.2 [0.047] J2 280 [10.0] 230 [9.1]
Wider4-13J2 1.3 [0.051] J2 280 [10.0] 260 [10.2]
Wider4-14J2 1.4 [0.055] J2 280 [10.0] 280 [11.0]
Wider4-16J2 1.6 [0.063] J2 280 [10.0] 300 [11.8]
Wider4-18N2 1.8 [0.071] N2 290 [10.2] 280 [11.0]
Wider4-25W1 2.5 [0.100] W1 360 [12.7] 380 [15.0]
Iwata W400 Air Consumption & Pattern Width

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Atomizing technology


Nozzle size

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