robot with Atomizer EcoBell3

Dürr receives largest robot order from Tesla

  • Tesla to install 100 paint robots, 48 handling & 26 sealing robots
  • Capacity: 500,000 bodies per year
  • Atomizer EcoBell3 series for solvent based & waterborne paint

The company Dürr is going to ship its nine thousandth robot to Tesla Motors in Fremont, USA. The paint shop in Fremont, USA, which is currently being built for Tesla car bodies and plastic parts, is the biggest order in the history of Dürr for application technology. As many as 100 paint robots, 48 handling and 26 sealing robots will be installed in three project phases. They will apply a high quality paint and sealer on the models S and X in all variants fully-automatically.

Atomizer EcoBell3 series for solvent based and waterborne paint

To reduce the amount of paint waste and solvent consumption to a minimum, the latest state-of-the-art application technology of Dürr will be installed. The atomizer EcoBell3 C will spray waterborne paint on the plastic parts. The EcoBell3 Ci is used for interior painting and the EcoBell3 E will paint the exterior of the car bodies. For solvent based paint, the EcoBell3 with direct charge is used. The colors are changed with the aid of the EcoLCC2 color changer.

Capacity: 500,000 bodies per year

The car body paint shop has two sealing, two primer and two top coat lines. It is designed to paint as many as 500,000 bodies per year. The plastic parts paint shop delivers the necessary amount of bumpers to meet body production demands. Primer and base coat are waterborne in both paint shop areas, car body and plastic parts. The clear coat is a 2k solvent based paint. The paint shop, which Tesla ordered in 2014, will be ready by end of 2015.

Picture: The EcoBell3 Ci has a more compact design than its predecessor model and is easier to clean (source: Dürr)

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