Spray Painting/Coating Courses & Training

Spray painting courses and training programmes are designed for individuals wishing to improve their skills in conventional or HVLP spray gun techniques, airless spray painting, automotive spray painting and industrial spray painting, among others. With the growing demand for skilled professionals in coating applications, paint formulation and surface finishing, the importance of specialised training cannot be overstated.

Automotive Paint Courses

These courses cover a wide range of topics including surface preparation, paint mixing, colour matching and application techniques specific to automotive finishes. As the automotive sector continues to evolve with advances in paint technology and surface treatments, it is essential for professionals in the industry to stay ahead of the latest trends and techniques through specialised training.

Airless Spray Painting Training

In parallel, airless spray training addresses the unique challenges and opportunities presented by this spraying method. Courses tailored to airless spray painting equip students with the skills necessary to operate and maintain these systems effectively, optimise material usage and achieve superior finishes on a wide range of surfaces.

Industrial Spray Painting Courses

Industrial spray painting courses are designed to meet the specific needs of professionals working in manufacturing and other industrial sectors. These courses cover a wide range of topics including surface preparation, coating selection, application techniques and quality control measures.

Here is an overview of spray coating courses and training that are held in the USA, Europe and Australia. Courses usually cover either airless or conventional/HVLP air spray (or both). For those interested in the automotive industry, specialised automotive spray courses offer invaluable insight and hands-on training.

Spray Painting Course Overview

Subject: Spray Operator Training (SOT 701)
Organizer: AWFI
Location: USA
Duration: 3 days
Contact: awfi.org
Description: Participants will gain the knowledge to reduce the consumption of finishing materials by up to 22%, thereby improving the bottom line. They will also learn techniques to improve finishing room throughput and establish standard operating procedures to prevent finishing problems and ensure consistent product quality. Emphasis is also placed on improving compliance with state and federal air quality regulations, reducing waste stream generation, and improving site safety measures.
Subject: Intensive Airless Spraying
Organizer: Painttech Training Academy
Location: UK (several locations)
Duration: 2 days
Certified: CITB, C&G
Contact: painttechtrainingacademy.co.uk
Description: Course for individuals interested in airless spraying techniques. It starts with theoretical instruction in a classroom setting, covering topics such as machinery, accessories, basic principles of airless spraying, incl. health and safety considerations. Students then participate in practical sessions in a workshop environment where they gain hands-on experience in spray techniques. The course includes initial instruction to refine spraying technique, followed by practical application on a variety of surfaces including walls, ceilings, woodwork, doors and spindles.
Subject: Apply Paint Using
HVLP Equipment
Organizer: Painttech Training Academy
Location: UK (several locations)
Duration: 2 days
Certified: CITB, C&G
Contact: painttechtrainingacademy.co.uk
Description: This course is designed to provide the best possible finish using HVLP/LVLP air spray and compressor systems. It covers the different types of spray equipment such as pressure pots, compressors, HVLP machines, needle sets and guns. Approximately 80% of this two day course is practical. Students will prepare and spray various items including ornate chairs, MDF and other objects.
Subject: Conventional Spray Painting Course
Organizer: Painters Institute
Location: Australia
Duration: 5 hours online lessons and theory + 2 hours practical (self-paced)
Certified: RTO 41246
Contact: painters.edu.au
This course covers how to set up, operate and maintain conventional pot and compressor air spray guns, how to troubleshoot and improve quality, how to select and prepare paint for spraying and how to spray safely. To complete the course the student must have access to or demonstrate experience with a conventional spray gun.
Subject: Airless & HVLP spray Painting Course
Organizer: Abode Academy
Location: UK Wiltshire SN15 4BU
Duration: 1 day / 2 days
Certified: CITB (2 days)
Contact: abodeacademy.co.uk
1 day course:
Covers how an airless sprayer works, how to set up, clean and store airless sprayers, paint mixing and product recommendations, spraying techniques
2 day course:
covers the same topics as 1 day course. It addition, it covers how to spray walls, ceilings and woodwork including skirting boards, doors, windows and spindles, taping and masking techniques, troubleshooting common problems, job pricing and marketing.

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