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SATA GmbH & Co. KG


SATA GmbH & Co. KG


manual & automatic paint spray gun (incl. the legendary SATA LM, SATA GR, SATAjet B, SATAjet 3000), cup system, pressure tank, diaphragm pump, piston pump, air filter, breathing protection

Special Focus:
spray guns for automotive refinishing


Does the name SATA originate from Japan?
No, the name is derived from the word “Sanitaria”. The German Sanitaria GmbH was set up in 1907 with the aim of producing surgical instruments and supplies. This also included the so-called lever lock, a bottle stopper with spray action for a spray coolant. Since 1914 “Sata” was registered as a trademark and in 1981 Sanitaria GmbH changed its name to SATA Farbspritztechnik GmbH.

Is “Sata” the most copied spray gun in the world?
Most probably yes. Already in the year 1988 the first replica of a SATA spray gun emerged from Taiwan. And SATA forgery SATEX made by Turkish firm Mersin is presented with the 1999 Plagiarius gnome award, a “negative award” for one of the most brazen forgeries. And till today many Chinese companies take the SATA design as a role model for their own “developments”.

How many special (or limited) spray gun editions has SATA launched?
More than 16 special or limited editions. See a list here: Sata limited editions

Company Contacts/Figures:
SATA GmbH & Co. KG
Domertalstraße 20
70806 Kornwestheim
Tel.: +49 (7154) 811 – 0
email: [email protected]

Number of employees: 250
Annual turnover: 70 million Euros
Export share: over 70 %


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