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Sagola 4100 GTO


Sagola 4100 GTO Gravity Spray Gun

Technical Information:

Available Nozzle Sizes: 1.2, 1.3, 1.4mm
Atomization Technique:
Transfer Efficiency:
75% (HVLP), 65% (“GTO TECH”)
Body Material:
anodized aluminium
Air consumption:
GTO-TECH (290 lpm), HVLP (360 lpm)
Cup Capacity:
0.65 liters
Weight (with cup):
445 g


The new-designed Sagola 4100 GTO can be considered as a cost-effective alternative for automotive refinishing. The gun features a highly resistant anodized aluminium body, joined steel to steel technology (without sealing gaskets between components), and is about 35% lighter than the flagship model Sagola 4500 Extreme (695g versus 445g). The air caps are made from a hard aluminium alloy, while nozzles and needles are from stainless steel.

The new spray fan regulation features a connection in stainless steel, less travel, has no sharp edges (makes cleaning easier) and is suitable for right and left-handed operators. Unique is the single piece automatic paint packing gland. It avoids manipulation and breakage of the gland and makes easier to remove it for a thorough cleaning of the paint part. The gun comes with a 3 year warranty.

Air Caps & Nozzles:

– 1.2mm (10141901): clearcoats, waterborne basecoats
– 1.3mm (10141902): HS and MS clearcoats
– 1.4mm (10141903): HS and MS clearcoats, single-stage paints

– 1.2mm (10141904): waterborne paints
– 1.3mm (10141905): waterborne and solvent-based basecoats
– 1.4mm (10141906): basecoats, clearcoats, single-stage paints


Automotive refinishing

Competitor Products:

Devilbiss GTIPRO, SATA 4000B, Iwata WS-400


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