Iwata Wider 4L Gravity Feed Paint Spray Gun HVLP

The Anest Iwata WIDER4 spray gun, the successor to the LPH-400-134LV series, is a HVLP spray gun, supplied with a 1.3 mm nozzle and can be considered a general purpose spray gun.

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Technical Specifications

Manufacturer: Anest Iwata
Model: Wider 4L
Part Number:
Nozzle Size: 13 (= 1.3 mm)
Atomization Technology:  HVLP
Air Consumption (max.): 270 lpm [9.5 cfm]
Spray Pattern: 280 mm [11 in]
Weight: 355 g [12.5 oz]
Air Inlet: 1/4″
Temperature Range: 5-40°C [41-104°F]
Misc: successor of model LPH-400-134LV HVLP spray gun


The Anest Iwata WIDER4L with HVLP atomisation is the successor to the LPH-400-134LV HVLP series and can be considered a general purpose spray gun. Nozzles from 1.3 to 1.6 mm are available as options. With an ergonomic design that emphasises functionality, the trigger also has a shape that improves operability when applying small quantities. Stable coating with less individual and batch variation is possible.


Automotive refinishing (incl. base coat, clear coat)

Instruction Manual/Parts Breakdown

Iwata Wider4L Instructions Manual (source: Anest Iwata)


(not included)

Iwata Paint Cup: PC-G600P-2
Disposable Cup Adapters:

3M PPS 2.0 #S2 – 26003 (not included)
Sata RPS #1 – 125211 (not included)
Devilbiss DeKups DPC-11 (not included)

Air Consumption & Pattern Width

Model Nozzle Size mm [in] Air Cap Air Consumption lpm [cfm] Pattern Width mm (in) @250 mm/9.8 in
Wider4L-V13J2 1.3 [0.047] Wider4-J2 270 [9.5] 280 [11.0]
Wider4L-V14J2 1.4 [0.051] Wider4-J2 270 [9.5] 290 [11.4]
Wider4L-V16J2 1.6 [0.055] Wider4-J2 270 [9.5] 300 [11.8]
Iwata Wider 4L Air Consumption & Pattern Width

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Atomizing technology


Nozzle size

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