Bersch & Fratscher GmbH

Bersch & Fratscher GmbH


Bersch & Fratscher GmbH
Seligenstädter Straße 53
63791 Karlstein am Main
Tel.: +49 (6188) 787-0
email: [email protected]

Air spray gun (manual, automatic), AirCombi / Airless spray guns, putty dispenser devices, pressure tanks, special spray guns, Automatic Painting Machines, incl. chain conveyer machines, flat surface spraying machines, round table machines, multi-axes machines, spray robots, air supply and exhaust air systems, automatic part handling, spraying and drying booths, incl. apraying and drying (baking) booths, spraying working stations, air supply and exhaust air systems, dip and flood units, full automatic spray process lines, pre-treatment units

Manufacturer of the well-known “Optima” spray guns.

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