Sagola launches 4100 Xtreme Ceramic spray gun


Sagola has launched the 4100 Xtreme Ceramic spray gun for industrial applications. Sagola 4100 Xtreme Ceramic has been designed to operate in one of the hardest sectors of industrial painting: ceramics and abrasives application.

Sagola 4100 Xtreme Ceramic application

Sagola 4100 Xtreme Ceramic spray gun for sanitary applications (source: Sagola)

The 4100 Xtrem Ceramic is made of forged aluminum for high durability. A wide range of tungsten carbide nozzle and needles (100% tungsten carbide) ensure high durability and keep maintenance costs low. A range of air caps are available to suit different needs: sanitary painting, glass industry, heat resistant paints, vitrified enamels, or even zinc- rich corrosion protective primers.

Main Picture: Design of the Sagola 4100 Xtreme Ceramic spray gun (source: Sagola)

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